NIMNIMDUAI – means “Soft” in Thai, it was founded in 2006 with the concept of providing fine quality shawsl with a natural and unique personality.
NIMNIMDUAIは厳選された原料を使い、染色織りなどすべての行程を手作業で行っています。 肌触りは勿論、特別な価値感を感じて頂ける巻物です。
It is 100% handcrafted merchandise, dyeing, weaving and all other processes are done by hand using only the best mountain goat yarn. We would like you to experience the exquisite softness and warmth of our merchandise.
The rolled silk thread of tassels which is one of the charactaristics of NIMNIMDUAI are also hand rolled one by one by experienced craftsmen.
シルク糸の配色により、それぞれの個性を表現することができます。 シルク糸は340色からお選び頂けます。
We have 340 colors of silk threads for you to choose from. Enjoy creating your own to express your “Color”.
There is a little stichwork in the center of each shawl which is also done by hand to facilitate easy folding.
Our handcrafted brand label and the original carry bags are done at a church in the state of Kerara, India. We support the education of Indian underprivileged children and lifestyle of women by doing this.
Our original carry bag is there to protect your shawl when they are not in use or in your purse.It is a very small bag but has been designed to accomodate our biggest and thickest shawls. Being able to fold this shawl so thinly is indicative of the fine quality.
The product tag and message card are hand-crafted using Nepalese hand-made paper.
We prepare all sorts of sizes and materials so that not just women, but even men and children can enjoy our shawls.